Alan Livermore

"As a furniture designer/maker I strive for simple aesthetically pleasing solutions to everyday problems.”

Like many of his contemporaries, Alan has always been a maker. While there will always be a place for traditional furniture makers, Alan believes the designer-entrepreneur who challenges the market place will be way of the future. To this end, Alan considers himself a problem solver using innovative technology to design and make contemporary furniture pieces.

Even back in the early 70s, training as a teacher of manual arts (woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing), Alan was eager to explore new technologies and different ways of doing things.

The next few years saw Alan experiencing parts of the world as far apart as Southeast Asia and Mexico - including one time he had no choice in the matter - being conscripted into the Australian Army for a year in Papua New Guinea. However Alan managed to take advantage of this National Service by studying design as part of his ‘rehabilitation’ back into society.

Seeing the world was also very humbling, particularly in South America when Alan was greatly impressed with the advanced state of design compared to back home.

During this time, he also established Aspect Design with his partner Joh Bowling in Hobart before eventually moving to Launceston where he taught wood design and created a workshop to design and make everything from boardroom tables and chairs to decorative boxes.

Since then, Alan’s original work has included numerous commissions, many for government and education bodies, along with several group pieces such as the ‘Ute’ and ‘Plateau’ Range selections for the market place. An interesting sideline is a steady but growing demand for the furniture he created in the 80s.

He has developed larger projects such as TwoFourTwo accommodation that he operates with his wife, Katie. The apartments are furnished with his contemporary pieces. With Katie he has also branched into interior design to provide a more holistic service.

His work has won several national awards including the National Wood Design Award and his pieces have been acquired for collections around the world.

“I tend not to follow trends or fashion but try and rely on my own aesthetic instincts. My life partner Katie is a great sounding board. My work is often workshop or technique based and designed for the market.

I draw my inspiration from many places but one that stands out for me is derived from another passion, that of boats and boatbuilding. I still recall vividly as a young child growing up in Northern NSW how much I was captivated by the rowing eight racing shell work of a particular boat builder in Lismore.

While I welcome the client contact with one-off work, I also enjoy seeing my work competing with larger manufacturers in the furniture retail area.”

The Product

‘NEST’ was originally designed and made in 1990 and revamped recently when a client requested a nest of tables as a part of a larger commission. The piece is designed to be economical in its use of space.  It’s ideal for that snack drink or meal while relaxing or to rest the laptop or ipad while on the couch.


MATERIALS: Wood , laminates Plywood
DIMENSIONS (mm): 540 x 460 x 400