design:made:trade background

Design:Made:Trade is on this July and through the Design Island initiative, driven by the Tasmanian Design Alliance, presents a wonderful opportunity for exposure and income generation for Tasmania’s designer makers.

This initiative is set to showcase the most significant collection of Tasmanian designed and made products available. With a focus on production and repeatable objects being the key to ensure an ongoing ROI.

This is a significant opportunity for Tasmanian design organisations, groups and individuals to take part in a large - commercially focused event.

Design:Made:Trade is a diverse and inspiring trade exhibition space. Including some of Australia’s leading furniture, fashion, textile, graphic and industrial design brand.

Audience exposure 2011: 3898 trade visits, 5038 public visits

Design:Made:Trade is to be held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, 19-22 July, 2012.

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