"As a jewellery designer, my desire is to create simple sculptural pieces that encourage the wearer to be bold, proud and walk tall."

Linda van Niekerk jewellery TasmaniaLinda’s designs are bold. Perhaps this stems from her having been raised in Africa. Maybe it can be attributed to her climb to the top of a high profile advertising agency where generally it’s the men that rule. One thing is certain, Linda can definitely trace her unique sense of style back to her mother, for which she is eternally grateful.

This did not go unnoticed. ‘You have a certain style,’ said Brenda May who asked Linda to show her some examples of her work.  This chance request in 2004 led to an exhibition in the Brenda May Gallery in Sydney and a new career path for Linda.

In 2005, turning her back on the cynicism and drama of the big city, she escaped to country Tasmania, where she took up the fulltime challenge to design ‘wearable sculpture’.   She uses predominantly sterling silver and adapts vintage, modern or ancient objects, humble and semi precious materials, including rare African trade beads and more recently, Tasmanian wood and tidal stones.

Linda's unconventional, and sometimes unorthodox, approach to design has gained recognition.  Since her initial exhibition in 2004 she has had exhibitions in galleries across Australia and been a finalist in several contemporary jewellery awards.

Linda van Niekerk jewellery TasmaniaShe credits Rye Dunsmuir from the Design Centre Tasmania for pushing her out of her comfort zone to develop a range of commercially viable designs for the Design Awards - a direction that she had resisted in the past.  Her simple, elegant 'Silk Dew Drops' won the Tasmanian Design Award in 2010 and her 'Drop, Drops' received a special commendation in 2011.

This year, Linda will be one of only fifty international jewellery artists invited to participate in the New York Museum of Arts and Design’s ‘LOOT: MAD about Jewellery’. The annual exhibition and sales event celebrates the work of artists of whose collections are deemed inspiring, creative and wearable.

“Many people have commented that my works look ‘tribal’.  I think that my designs are influenced by having lived in Africa until my twenties.  This combined with my love of minimalist design often leads to works that are a contemporary interpretation of the aesthetic of my birthplace.  African women appear to wear their jewellery not just as something of beauty but also as something that says something about who they are. My sculptural pieces are an attempt to build on this perception to create something bold and striking that aligns with some character aspect of the wearer. My jewellery isn’t for the faint of heart.

My home in the Huon Valley in Tasmania's south encourages contemplation of natural beauty in all its forms and this informs some of the ideas and shapes in my work.

Although I use mostly silver in my jewellery I have derived great pleasure from working with talented local wood-turners to create pieces using some of Tasmania's unique and precious timbers. We are so fortunate to have some great artisans right here on our doorstep."


Forest Heart neckpiece
Made with hand-turned Huon pine from the heart of the Tasmanian forest, a precious timber that is incredibly light and fragrant to wear.  Knotted on 100% silk with a sterling silver clasp.  Wood turner, Trevor Semmems.

Wisk Cuff
Oxidised sterling silver.

Carousel Leaf neckpiece
Sterling silver + anodised.  Can be worn doubled (as shown) or long.  Leaf neckpieces are a signature Linda van Niekerk design and are available in many guises including plain silver and 22 ct gold plated and silver.

Bougainvillea Wraps
Six vibrant colours in anodised aluminium and sterling silver.  Pile them up for a sense of drama or wear just one or two everyday.

Black Fin earrings
In anodised aluminium and sterling silver.  Also in red or blue or plain silver

Dipped Dew Drops
A limited edition Dew Drop created specially for the Design Island exhibition. In sterling silver + 100% silk, dipped into acrylic paint.  Eight colours.


MATERIALS: Huon pine, sassafras, sterling silver
DIMENSIONS (mm): Various

MATERIALS: Sterling silver, anodised aluminium
DIMENSIONS (mm): Various

MATERIALS: Sterling silver, and sterling silver and anodised aluminium
DIMENSIONS (mm): Various

MATERIALS: Sterling silver + silk
DIMENSIONS (mm): Various


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Linda van Niekerk jewellery TasmaniaLinda van Niekerk jewellery TasmaniaLinda van Niekerk jewellery TasmaniaLinda van Niekerk jewellery Tasmania