Karin Beaumont

“The wearable art I create embodies my sense of nature’s preciousness. Bringing nature into our personal and intimate space, it quietly encourages us to reconnect with and value the natural world.” 

karin beaumont oceanides jewelleryKarin uses science to interpret the art in nature, creating sculptural jewellery and objects that combine an aesthetic of marine fragility with quiet environmentalism.

Raised in South Australia, Karin moved to Tasmania in 1995 to realise her childhood dream to live and work in Antarctica. She spent two summers in Antarctica researching the role of microscopic plankton in climate change for her doctoral thesis. It was while at Davis Station, Antarctica in 1998 that, inspired by the amazing array of microscopic patterns and forms in the ocean and ice, Karin created her first piece of metal sculpture in the diesel mechanics workshop and a new creative career was born.

Karin completed a Diploma in Art, Craft and Design to develop new skills to assist in combining her creativity and scientific knowledge in the design and craft of objects that inform, resonate, and inspire. Shortly after, she established her label Oceanides meaning ‘beauties of the sea’. All the while, Karin has continued her voyages to Antarctica, almost on a yearly basis, and has now made nine trips in total.

Karin’s contemporary jewellery has been exhibited nationally and internationally in France, USA, Singapore, and Argentina. She has been awarded mentorships to study under renowned contemporary jeweller Marian Hosking in 2007 and esteemed designer Robert Foster, F!nk & Co. in 2008. She has also twice been selected to participate in Tasmania’s Design Island workshops with international designers Interware from Italy and David Trubridge from New Zealand.

karin beaumont oceanides jewelleryKarin has also greatly enjoyed collaborating with other artists such as the recent ‘Latitude’ project she initiated with Aboriginal artist Vicki West. The resulting exhibition explored what the sea meant to each artist revealing their shared respect and concern for the marine environment.

Her work is stocked in gift shops aboard Antarctic cruise ships and in retail galleries around Australia.

“My designs are curiously recognisable in that they are inspired by nature, yet it is a side of nature most people don’t get to see: a scientist’s view of the ocean, of creatures magnified a thousand times. Some designs are inspired directly by a particular pattern while others tend towards the abstract with just a suggestion of something familiar. By using my creativity and scientific knowledge, I aim to design and make objects that reference both the beauty and importance of the marine environment.”

The Product

The Aluma cuff bracelets are inspired by Dactyliosolen antarcticus, a minute plant that floats in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. The delicate pattern pressed into the surface of the bracelet is its porous surface that allows it to ‘breathe’. While little known, it plays an essential role in regulating the world’s climate. Made of anodised aluminum, the cuffs are durable, adjustable, and light to wear. Available in two styles (two-tone and monochrome) and five assorted colours, the cuffs are contemporary yet timeless in their design.


MATERIALS: anodised aluminium
DIMENSIONS (mm): 60 x 40 x 50

MATERIALS: anodised aluminium
DIMENSIONS (mm): 60 x 20 x 50

MATERIALS: anodised aluminium
DIMENSIONS (mm): 60 x 40 x 50


PO Box 80
Kingston Beach
TAS 7050

email: info@oceanides.com.au
web: www.oceanides.com.au
buy online: www.bluecaravan.net/oceanides 

karin beaumont oceanides jewellery

karin beaumont oceanides jewellerykarin beaumont oceanides jewellerykarin beaumont oceanides jewellerykarin beaumont oceanides jewellerykarin beaumont oceanides jewellery