Nathan Freeman

“I am excited by objects that are easily understood and contribute to a sense of calm and order within their environment.”

Nathan Freeman - The Hatchery Design TasmaniaFrom an early memory of rifling through his dad’s shed searching for interesting tools and material, Nathan has been fascinated with the process of creation.

His interest in visual art in high school led to studies in printmaking and sculpture followed by an extended period in Europe to visit and appreciate firsthand the great works of the masters. At the same time, he began combining sculpture with his passion for the classical guitar incorporating innovative design techniques such as carbon fibre bracing in traditional guitar making. A few years spent in Japan helped further develop his interest in design, particularly that of the Japanese and mid 20th century Danish minimalist movements.

Nathan moved to Tasmania to undertake the Furniture Design Program at the University of Tasmania where he was able to consolidate the many interests and skills he had acquired.

Today, through his studio, The Hatchery, Nathan continues to use his acquired technological insights to design and manipulate materials such as Corian®, solid timber and aluminum into objects of tranquil vitality.

Nathan Freeman - The Hatchery Design TasmaniaIn 2011, Nathan’s design work demonstrated its universal appeal when he won the Tasmanian Design Award in both the Open and People’s Choice Categories for his Lilium Tapas Collection. His work has recently been accepted for the annual Workshopped exhibition co-presented by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

“Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world - from simple geometric form or from great industrial designs of the past.

As a designer/manufacturer I am very interested in material and technology. Design refinement is mostly driven by process and the need to work within manufacturing parameters. Having a background in guitar making largely informs the way I approach things and perhaps explains my desire to infuse the product with a feeling of both industrial process and handcrafted sensibility.”


Nathan created the Lilium Range of fruit bowls/table centrepieces to be simple and sophisticated yet retain a sense of playfulness. Using elements from the natural world as a guide and drawing on the work of Jorn Utzon's Sydney Opera House development, the range has been designed from sections of a sphere to allow movement while maintaining perfect poise and functionality. The bowls are thermo-moulded from Corian®, a sensually tactile material chosen specially to further enhance the total experience for the user.


DIMENSIONS (mm): Various (largest 90 x 280 x 4000

MATERIALS: Corian®, plywood, steel
DIMENSIONS (mm): 40 X 400 X 280

MATERIALS: Corian®, wood
DIMENSIONS (mm): 420 X 400 X 450


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